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The high profile bucket offers all the same benefits are our low profile just in a bigger size! The back is 2 3/4" taller and the bottom is 8" longer.  This is the ideal choice for contractors, farmers, and everyday users.  It can be used for many things such as; hauling, digging, backfilling, leveling, and general material handling.


Its 1 piece back design is robust and incorporates a heavy duty square tube by wrapping it within the steel back.  Fully welded main bucket ensures longevity and strength.


A 3/4" x 6" welded cutting edge is standard along with side cutting edge, side stiffners, dual steps, and our 4 pc heavy duty 1/2" thick runners.


*Available in other widths upon request

*Other color options upon request

Material Bucket High Capacity 8ft

  • Features

    8' Main Body Width

    Quick Attach Frame

    3/16" Steel Back and Sides

    2 1/2" Square Tube Upper Support

    5/16" Steel Side Stiffner Plates

    3/4" x 6" Steel Cutting Edge

    5 pc 1/2" x 4" Steel Runners

    Durable Powder Coated Finish

  • Specifications

    Dimensions - 98" W x 24 1/2" H x 40 1/8" D

    Weight - 715lbs

    Capacity - 27.3 cubic feet

    Heaped - 36.9 cubic feet

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