Ag Products

EIP Manufacturing, LLC already well-known for our reputation for quality, is continuing with new and exciting innovations to meet the demands in rural America and the agricultural community with new offerings.

EIP manufactures steel-fabricated agricultural products for most types of animal housing including gates, fences, stainless steel troughs, feeders, stalls, crates, flooring, stands, and posts to name a few.

Our long term customers can attest to our product durability, versatility, and reliability whether in new product installation or the retro-fit market. Repeat customers tell us that our products offer the best product at the best price, so we simply continue to do what we do best...Listen to our customers & provide what they want!

For those of you who may now be looking at alternatives for upgrading your existing and possibly aging buildings, your solution may be our retrofit upgrades which are designed specifically to work with your existing structure. Without the need for construction or remodeling, you'd be amazed at how easy and cost effective this solution is.

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