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Date Posted: 7/5/2022

Essential Duties: 

Applies powder coated paint to product to protect and decorate work piece surface using spray gun.  Cleans and maintains tools and equipment, as needed. May rotate to hang/take off finished and unfinished parts on paint line, as needed.  May at times be required to move to the parts area.

  Supports company policies, procedures, safety regulations and follows Quality management system.

  • Hanging of parts of different size, weight, height, width
  • Visually audit part to ensure paint application is consistent
  • Perform touch-up work on finished product before being shipped
  • Perform daily audit and simple maintenance of paint guns to prevent clogging

Education and Training

High school diploma and/or GED preferred. 

Physical Effort

  • Standing:         10 or more hours per day (constant)
  • Walking:          10 or more hours per day (constant)
  • Lifting:              In excess of 50 to75 lbs. with good body mechanics (frequent)                                   Sometimes higher (above) shoulders.  Parts will be awkward in size and shape.  Proper lifting techniques must be demonstrated
  • Twisting:          Moderate (full motion of body)
  • Bending:          Moderate (full motion of body)
  • Squat/Kneel:   10 or more hours per day (frequent)
  • Both hands:     Must be able to use both hands to perform job (constant)
  • Grasping:        Must be able to grasp parts or equipment for production (constant)

Machines, Tools, & Equipment

Should have basic understanding of painting function:

  • Tape Measure
  • Hand tools (i.e. screw driver, hammer, wrench, paint gun etc.)
  • PPE required including, steel toed shoes, clothing, hair, hand, and foot coverings and Respirator Fitness Program compliance

Working Conditions

Temperature can reach 120 degrees in summer months.  Must be able to withstand extreme heat and humidity for 10 or more hours per day.  Other working conditions include standing on cement surface.